Friday, 13 October 2017

Are you looking for balance?

Where do we find the 'balance'? 

It is the central part of life yet many miss the signs!
There are so many ways to think about balance, what balance would mean in our life, and even to understand what it would feel like

a large pause for thought.........

But where do we find it?

Balance is within us, within the self, balance can return to us at any moment, we are the ones who choose.
We have stresses and anxious moments each and everyday, through the experience of knowing the feeling of balance we can manage or overcome the stressful moments.

Balance can be elusive, we can obtain the place of balance through many years of Yoga practice, many years of happiness, many times listening to ''Masters' with the answer.

Balance is a relaxed place inside of us all, that can be revived, to recover health, and to reveal a lost connection with life. Neutral Space is our vehicle to excite the creative possibilities of being and living from a relaxed knowing.  
We have been achieving, sharing, training and enjoying deeper levels of relaxation for many, seeing smiles return.

The place of balance and harmony, within all living creatures including mankind.

Neutral Space Relaxation®

Relax ~ Recover ~ Reconnect

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Nature in balance

Balance the beginning.

The importance of nature to be in balance can be reflected in each of us, a known feeling of balance within us will allow the experience of joy to be radiant, that wonderful feeling of happiness within being revealed.
Nature innately knows where balance is a always seeks to return to that position, as we are part of nature we seek to return to balance be we may have forgotten the quick route (stress stops the free flow of return).
Using a relaxation process such as the Neutral Space Relaxation bodywork system we can return to the optimum state of balance. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Relaxation as a way forward


Does the body, your body, have self healing power?

Can you notice when you are feeling good? There is a little extra spring in your step, a smile on your face and a glow in your heart. Yes, the body does have internal processes to return the body to a low stress level and balanced state, if it didn’t we would never get that smile. So, if the body has the capacity and capability of staying in, or returning to balance, what keeps it off track or out of kilter? It can be simple things like a knock on the knee that made walking awkward for a while, and in turn, the back muscles tightened, that lead to a disturbed nights sleep, then while feeling a little ‘off’ and ‘stressed’ at the start of the next day, anger and tension bubbled up, over a small incident, that upset the normal eating patterns and more….., now the body has a whole series of things to solve and release to bring itself back into balance.

Relaxation more than rest

Relaxation is key to the unraveling that is required. The digestion will smooth, the liver will clear the toxins, the heart will calm, and the muscles will relax, clearing the way for balance to return and all with Neutral-Space Relaxation.

Train to be one of our Neutral-Space Practitioners, or facilitate the education of others in the techniques and skills of Relaxation.  Please see:

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sowing the Seeds of Enthusiasm

Relaxation Training

This is a blog about relaxation. Relaxation is a different subject to rest, a quick definition of rest might include sleep and more…Relaxation is a re-balancing of the body, allowing a return of potential energy to all your muscles and organs and all your body systems. Allowing a redefined functionality, can be the back to basics of how your body operates, a return to default, like how the heart and liver within you work together to cleanse the blood.  
Relaxation is the key for the internal body systems to operate with each other. Relaxation techniques like those of Neutral-Space redefine the body’s basic level of balance, sowing the seeds of repair and or change. : Rest may refer to: Leisure · Human relaxation · Sleep. Rest may also refer to: Rest(music), a pause in music.  Relaxation stands quite generally for a release of tension, a return to equilibrium.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Creating your Space

In today's World it becomes extremely important, if not vital, that you can create you own space, minimising the impact that 'influences' have on your well-being. check all is possible, regards "Neutralway"

Monday, 31 December 2012

Coaching, training, relaxation

If you are thinking about any changes you are planing in connection with, life or the universe then maybe take a look at the way to expand the central and balanced stance with, we started training in July 2012 with 'introduction days in Somerset UK and then in Devon UK moving onto further in depth training of 3 days in Sept, we are so pleased with the success and reception of Neutral-Space. Our journey has allowed some fantastic understandings to emerge, there is a great deal more to 'neutral space' more than relaxation.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The "Turning Point"


Someone commented the other day about enjoying the space between Xmas and the New year, this is a good time for reflection as the new year is about to begin, it becomes 'neutral space' as there is an allowing of the past and a wonderment about the future. Breath and relax into the space, expansion of the new year will come soon.